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Для всех

право описание
read просмотр вики страниц
createaccount создание аккаунта


право описание
edit редактирование незащищенных страниц
createpage создание страниц
createtalk создание обсуждений
move переименование страниц
movefile переименование файлов
move-subpages переименование подстраниц вместе со страницей
move-rootuserpages переименование корневых страниц в "User"-пространстве ??
upload добавление картинок и прочих файлов
reupload перезапись существующих файлов
reupload-own перезапись файлов залитых юзером
reupload-shared перезапись в shared-репозитории ??
upload_by_url загрузка через ввод url-адреса
autoconfirmed used for the 'autoconfirmed' group, see the other table below for more information.
emailconfirmed used for the 'emailconfirmed' group, see the other table below for more information.


право описание
editprotected редактирование защищенных страниц
delete удаление страницы
bigdelete удаление страницы с большим списком правок
deletedhistory просмотр удаленных правок, но не восстановление
undelete восстановление
browsearchive история удалений
mergehistory Note: currently disabled by default, including on Wikimedia projects.
protect защита страницы
block блокировка IP адресов и юзеров
patrol allows marking edits as legitimate ($wgUseRCPatrol must be true).
minoredit allows marking an edit as 'minor'.
autopatrol automatically marks all edits by the user as patrolled ($wgUseRCPatrol must be true).
ipblock-exempt makes user immune to blocks applied to his IP address or a range (CIDR) containing it.


право описание
blockemail блокировка возможности отправить почту юзером ???
hideuser спрятать блокировку юзера ??
userrights управление правами юзеров
userrights-interwiki allows changing user rights on other wikis.
rollback allows one-click reversion of edits. ???
markbotedits allows rollback to be marked as bot edits (see Manual:Administrators#Rollback).
editinterface allows editing the MediaWiki namespace, which contains interface messages.
editusercssjs allows editing *.css / *.js subpages of any user. Split into editusercss and edituserjs in 1.16 but retained for backward compatibility.
editusercss allows editing *.css subpages of any user.
edituserjs allows editing *.js subpages of any user.
suppressrevision allows preventing deleted revision information from being viewed by sysops and prevents sysops from undeleting the hidden info. Prior to 1.13 this right was named hiderevision (not available by default)
deleterevision allows deleting/undeleting information (revision text, edit summary, user who made the edit) of specific revisions (not available by default)
siteadmin allows locking and unlocking the database (which blocks all interactions with the web site except viewing). Deprecated by default.
import allows user to import one page per time from another wiki ("transwiki").
importupload allows user to import several pages per time from XML files. This right was called 'importraw' in and before version 1.5.
trackback allows removal of trackbacks (if $wgUseTrackbacks is true).
unwatchedpages allows access to Special:Unwatchedpages, which lists pages that no user has watchlisted.
bot hides edits from recent changes lists and watchlists by default (can optionally be viewed).
purge allows purging a page without a confirmation step (URL parameter "&action=purge").
nominornewtalk blocks new message notification when making minor edits to user talk pages (requires minor edit right).
noratelimit not affected by rate limits (prior to the introduction of this right, the configuration variable $wgRateLimitsExcludedGroups was used for this purpose)
proxyunbannable makes user immune to the open proxy blocker, which is disabled by default ($wgBlockOpenProxies).
apihighlimits allows user to use higher limits for API queries
writeapi controls access to the write API ($wgEnableWriteAPI must be true)
suppressredirect Allows moving a page without automatically creating a redirect.